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   I acquired this piano from Owen Piano Wholesalers in Los Angeles.  The piano had come to them from a recording studio in the Los Angeles area.
   A.B. Chase is considered to be in the top 10 pianos manufactured in the United States by Larry Fine, the highly regarded author of “The Piano Book”.
  The piano was in satisfactory original condition when I acquired it.  Even though the piano showed wear from it’s long history of use, and still had it’s original strings, it still sounded hauntingly beautiful.  For this reason, I chose to keep it’s original stringing scale. Following is a summary of the rebuilding and refinishing work that was performed on this piano:
  *The sounding board and bridges were reconditioned and treated with a very thin epoxy sealer to make the sounding board much more damage, moisture & crack resistant.  I refinished the sounding board with lacquer top coats and installed a new decal.  
  *The bridges were resurfaced and re-terminated.  I installed new 1” bridge pins, with West System marine epoxy.  The tops of the bridges were re-graphited and the bridge pins leveled.
  *The full fit pinblock was refabricated and properly reglued to the stretcher and shoulders.
  *I regilded the plate and resurfaced the capo bars.
  * I restrung the piano using Mapes piano wire.  New 2/O tuning pins were used. 
  *All new understring cloth and felts were used.
  * The damper action was thoroughly inspected and serviced.  Damper guide bushings and felts were replaced.  Damper heads were refinished and damper wires were polished.
  *New white keys were installed and sharps were refinished and rubbed out. 
 * All new key bushings were installed. 
  *The whole top action was replaced with Renner action parts and new back checks. 
  *Voicing and action work were performed by Mike Reiter. The hammers selected were Abel walnut molding hammers.
   *The piano was refinished with Polane filler primer and top-coated with nitrous-cellulose ebony lacquer     and hand rubbed.
  *All hardware and screws were resurfaced, buffed and polished.
  *Lyre and lyre trap assemblies were completely reconditioned.
  *The complete underside of the piano was refinished.

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